About myself

Born 1990 in the mountains of southern saxony, I spent my childhood and teenage years in Scheibenberg, my hometown.

After months of hiking across nothern spain, reawakening my desire and pleasure for the unknown and the foreign, in 2012 I began to study roman languages in Klagenfurt. Later I added lectureship for history and german to the my list of studies.

While I was studying abroad in spain, I found the motivation and, even more important, the confidence necessary to write down all These ideas and stories which filled my mind, some of them for more than a decade at this time. But sadly, even with this boost of incitement, it took me two more years to publish Die Erben des Rakat (The Heirs of Rakat), my first book, in 2016.

Now, nearly one year later, I´m still proud of my decision to publish what I created in my mind, nevertheless I keep on writing new books and stories (see Upcoming books), always trying to improve the stories I´m inventing and also to keep on learning from the books and works before.