Die Erben des Rakat - The Heirs of Rakat

Die Erben des Rakat (The Heirs of Rakat) is now available!


For centuries the old book with the cover of yellowed leather lay dozing in the oldest parts of Marrakesh, until it was found by a curious student. Against his curiosity the book could not withstand and after centuries it revealed its hidden and fantastic secrets.

These strange stories are tales of the adventures of Rakat and the people of his heirs. Young and nomad-like the humans have been wandering for decades through dangers. But at last they set foot on the ground of the Northern Land, a green and beckoning land in the north of the continent Talan.

But the peace they had expected to find in this land soon turned into open war among the heirs of Rakat.

Greed, envy and hate had poisoned the hearts of man and threaten their new home. But not only in the human weakness lies danger, but also in foreign caverns between the mighty mountains or in deep and ancient ruins beneath the desert sand, where things slumber, older and far more evil than mankind.