Upcoming books

... an exciting race!

Studying and working at the same time left me little time for writing, but whenever I could, I wrote down all the ideas in my head. Writing here and there, more and more scripts, sketches and  notes filling my shelves and harddrives. Thus, I cannot be certain about which of these scripts will be finished first. Nevertheless, a couple of stories seem to perform a little race about the first place, which shall be introduced briefly.

  • Die Blüten des Sandes (working title). Part of the "Moroccan books", telling the story and the adventures of the people of the desert of Daerja. 
  • La Tour des Rêves (working title). Inspired by one of my dreams, the story of this book takes place in the europe of the beginning 20th century. A mixture of thriller, fantasy and history.
  • Fuego (working title). A crime novel, taking places in Córdoba in the beautiful lands of southern spain.